Crytek working on a new unannounced AAA title as job posting reveals online

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Crytek has had one hell of a rollercoaster of success. After breaking out with their ambitious Crysis game, the company was mostly at the forefront of graphical fidelity on PC and pushing the limits of computer graphics. But after that they’ve had some mixed successes with Crysis sequels and one-off games, even making a VR game for the Oculus headsets. Hunt: Showdown has been doing relatively well, but the company just hasn’t had a good run for a while now.

But Crytek seems to be up to something, after multiple teases and what now seems like a backwards April Fools joke on a Crysis Remaster, they are now hiring a Technical Director for an “unannounced AAA title”. Is Crytek back in full swing? Are we finally getting a Crysis 4? Will PCs be able to even handle it?

The job posting itself reads: “Crytek is looking for a Technical Director to drive the development of an unannounced AAA title in our Frankfurt, Germany studio.

There are unfortunately not really any clues as to what this mystery project may be. Technically a Crysis Remaster hasn’t been announced yet, so the job posting could very well be for that remaster, but it’s unlikely for them to be teasing the game so early into development if they haven’t got a technical director yet. It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely.

It’s more likely to be a brand new IP or a sequel to one of their games. The rumors of a Crysis 4 game have circulated for a while now, Crysis 3 came out 7 years ago and so it’s about time we got another chapter of the Crysis saga.

In case you were wondering, a Technical Director is in charge of the technical side of game development (big surprise there). Their responsibilities include managing the development and engineering teams, defining development strategies, overseeing the technical design, and many more tasks revolving around the actual technical development of the game. So it’s a pretty important role, especially for high-budget AAA titles.

Whatever the game is, we can only speculate right now before any announcements are made. What do you think it could be though? Crysis 4? The Crysis Remaster? A brand new IP? Or something else? Tell us your theories!

But can it run unannounced AAA title?