Get yourself in the real-estate game with buildable forts in Torchlight 3

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Torchlight 3

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Torchlight 3 has had an interesting development process, after what was initially a free-to-play Torchlight Frontiers, it has now turned into a fully fledged sequel. There’s still not a huge amount we know about the game as of yet, and there’s still no exact release date. But a recent update looks into one of the more interesting features in the sequel: customizable forts.

In Torchlight III, every adventurer earns their own fortress in the frontier — a customizable, personalizable plot of environmental expression. Explore the freedom of creating both form and function as you place decorative set pieces alongside gameplay enhancing buildings. The possibilities are endless!

Forts act as a sort of base camp for your character, for which you can customize to your heart’s content with a plethora of cosmetic objects. They are fully customizable and allow you to place whatever you want, wherever you want, provided you have the resources to do so. Want to make a monument of your beautiful face? You can do it! Want to place memorials to the thousands of goblins that you’ve murdered? Well, yeah I guess so.

Luckily, forts are quickly attained in Act 1 of Torchlight III by claiming one from a local Goblin tribe. I am assuming they don’t exactly just hand the deeds over to you though, and you’ll have to clear them out before plotting your very own estate.

Objects that you earn through crafting or looting in the world can be placed anywhere you please within your allotted land. Once you’ve earned it, it’s yours to keep forever, and can be placed down instantly or saved for later in your fort inventory. You can choose the direction they face and even stack certain objects on top of each other, so there’s a lot of room to play with.

When you receive your first fort there will be a load of assets already in place, which you can reorient or demolish at your will. More decorations and objects can be found by adventuring across the world, but you’ll mostly get them from Contracts. Objects include things like a cooking stove, a barracks tent, or the much sought after hollow tree log.

You will encounter other players’ forts on your journey, and they may very well stumble across your own. So decorate it to how you see fit and express your innermost adventurer to other travelers with all the loot and special items you discover. Some objects in your fort will be interactable, like the Luck Tree which can bestow blessings on passersby, or an enchanting table that lets you share your favorite or rarest recipes.

Lastly, forts will be shared across your account, meaning that whichever character you play as you will be able to customize your fort with the same items, upgrades and resources. So no matter what kind of adventurer you choose to be, your fort will be the same across all characters.

What do you think of the new forts in Torchlight 3? Are you excited for the game when it finally comes out? What kind of fort will you build? Let us know!