GTA 6 reportedly in development – will be a smaller scale game due to crunch backlash

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Grand Theft Auto VI

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Rockstar Games may be known for their sprawling worlds, filled with fun activities and entertaining characters, but they’re also quite infamously known for development crunch. In a recent investigation by the press, it has been revealed that Rockstar is making some serious changes in order to try and combat crunch in the workplace, and in the process let slip that they are working on a new title in the Grand Theft Auto series.

So whilst it’s not confirmed to be GTA 6 as of now, Rockstar is apparently early in development for a new entry in the franchise, though it will be a much more “moderately sized release” as plans for new types of management have been laid out.

Rockstar Games has been notorious for development crunch, which sees employees working regular overtime in order to meet certain deadlines and milestones. Both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have been heavily criticized for Rockstar’s work ethic requiring developers to work late for long periods of time before the game’s release. So in order to work on that, Rockstar has been improving management conditions and changing development strategies/pipelines.

So how does this affect GTA? Well, apparently the smaller scale approach will mean that Grand Theft Auto 6 will then be “expanded with regular updates over time, which may help mitigate stress and crunch.” So expect the next title in the series to be more of a Live Service game much like GTA Online.

However the game turns out, Rockstar is adamant that the next GTA game will not be out for a while and will take a long time before it eventually releases.

What do you think GTA 6 will be like? Where do you think it will take place? What are your thoughts on the Live Service aspect? Let us know!

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“So instead of giving developers more time to make games with reasonable breaks they are making their games shorter…wow way to go rockstar, great planning there ¬-¬”

Majorshepard –


“I don’t understand how they plan to do this. Either it’s a full fledged $60 game which will disappoint the high expectations Rockstar set for themselves by being "less" , or , worse, it will be an even more "live service" experience than GTA V.In my opinion, just take more time, get better…”

Ozone9012 –


“If they ever set it on Liberty City, they could split the map with paywalls, DLCs, and seasons passes!”

JonDoe777 –