Observer System Redux includes updated graphics and never-before-seen story content

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Observer: System Redux

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Bloober Team has had a lot of success in the story-driven horror experiences market. Layers of Fear topped the charts with Youtubers, Streamers and the like. Whilst Blair Witch was still good it wasn’t nearly as well known or as well received as their other titles. However, one of their standout hits, Observer, recently got a teaser for a supposed Redux of the game, and now it’s official: Observer: System Redux will be coming to PC and next-gen consoles with all new graphics and story content.

Bloober Team has rebuilt its award-winning cyberpunk thriller, Observer, with augmented visuals, gameplay, and story as Observer: System Redux for next-generation consoles. Considered one of the scariest games currently available, and one the best cyberpunk games coming to next-generation consoles, System Redux is the definitive vision of this horror tale, coming for the 2020 holiday season.

Whilst I’m not sure it could be considered “one of the scariest games currently available”, it definitely provides some effective spooks and is certainly a great Cyberpunk tale. Observer is also the host of the late Rutger Hauer’s last voice acting role. The legendary star from Blade Runner is now immortalised in this cyberpunk horror title.

The new Redux also confirms that not only have the graphics been overhauled, but the Observer System Redux will also include brand new never-before-seen story content. No news on what this story content exactly is, or how much has been added, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the new trailer above.

Observer System Redux will be launching on PC and next-gen consoles in Q4 2020

What do you think of the Observer System Redux? Are you excited for a next-gen version? Will you be getting it? Have you played the original? Let us know!