Netflix's Boo, Bitch: Where To Find The Cast on Instagram

Boo, Bitch has several fascinating characters, from mean girls to Erika and her best friend Gia, who helps Erika on her journey to learn what she has to do before finding peace in the afterlife. Fans of the miniseries can find the cast and follow them on Instagram.

Prom is always a huge part of high school and a setting for juicy drama in movies and TV shows. Madison Thompson plays Emma in Boo, Bitch, who is in charge of the group who are planning prom. From the first episode, it’s clear that Erika and Gia will be attending prom, and this show does a great job of showing what a big, thrilling milestone this is.

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Previously, Thompson played Lindsey Coolidge on the quirky sitcom American Housewife and has signed on to play Susan in the upcoming Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.

Michael Solomon played Elijah Mayer in the TV series Solve and is playing Benny in the upcoming movie The Other Side of Infinity.

A series is only as strong as its cast of characters, and Boo, Bitch has an impressive group who populate the high school that Erika and Gia attend. Conor Husting plays Jake W. who is part of the group of Jakes.

Genao also starred in On My Block as Ruby Martinez, an intelligent character who loves Math, and the actor also played Napoleon in The Get Down.

Every good teen series needs a popular crowd, the characters who rule the school, dress in a fabulous manner, and who everyone looks up to, even though they probably shouldn’t. Jami Alix plays Lea, who is friends with Riley, and neither character is very nice or compassionate.

Alix is going to play Cinnamon in Freeridge, a TV series about friends who are dealing with a curse that kills people.

While Erika is figuring out how to make several things in her life right again before going to the afterlife, she also has a moving love story that becomes a huge and significant part of the miniseries. Mason Versaw plays Jake C., who Erika likes, and it’s sweet watching Erika and Jake begin to date. Complicating matters is Jake’s former partner Riley.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor played Gavin, one of the most compelling characters on the series. Gavin runs the club at school that is all about exploring and discussing the supernatural.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor is known for playing Trevor on American Housewife, who Oliver becomes good friends with as they meet at school. The actor appeared on the show in seasons 4 and 5.

While the best teen shows have strong friendship stories, fans are always curious which characters will fall in love, as there’s nothing like the drama and emotion of first love. Aparna Brielle played Riley in Boo, Bitch. Aparna and Jake C. are in a relationship at the start of the show but they split up, which creates some conflict and drama since Erika likes Jake C.

Lana Candor plays the main character Erika Vu, and while Erika’s situation might not be relatable since she becomes a ghost, she has typical high school experiences. Fans of young adult stories will love seeing Erika hang out with her best friend, begin dating Jake C., and learn who she is.

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