Elden Ring PvP Community Survey Calls For Balance Update

Elden Ring is more than just a solo journey through the Lands Between. You can summon friends to help you take down Elden Ring’s toughest bosses, or you can face off in honorable combat by invading other players. However, Elden Ring PvPers are calling on developer FromSoftware update the game’s competitive meta to make it more balanced.

As reported by Kotaku, eldenringpvp.net is a new site dedicated to advocating for the Elden Ring PvP community. The centerpiece of the site is a massive survey of 10,000 Elden Ring players where only 10 percent said that the game’s PvP is properly balanced.

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“Player feedback is crucial for the future of Elden Ring,” reads the site. “Not only do we aim to convince you that PvP is worth improving, we’ll help by providing great feedback on the latest bugs, desired balance suggestions, and sorely needed improvements to multiplayer accessibility.”

The survey results revealed roughly two-thirds of the Elden Ring community participates in PvP (one of the game’s quests requires invading other players, so this isn’t too surprising). Over half were at least somewhat unsatisfied with Elden Ring’s multiplayer, and almost 80 percent felt that the game was unbalanced in PvP. Most also believed that the PvP meta is dominated by glitches and exploits.

But this community is both calling out problems and offering solutions. Several articles listed on the site suggest ways to improve Elden Ring’s PvP, including nerfs to spells like Carian Slicer and Bestial Sling as well as several overperforming Ashes of War like Bloodhound Step, Glintstone Pebble, and Rivers of Blood’s Corpse Piler.

Prospective Bloody Fingers can also read up on several PvP guides, including detailed values for weapon range, poise, and immunity frames. There’s also a build calculator and video guides on specific weapon classes.

A balance patch isn’t the only thing Elden Ring’s PvP community is discussing. Players are still debating the proper etiquette of a duel (especially when it comes to time allotted to buff) and several are also suggesting other dedicated PvP locations.

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