First in-game footage from Marvel’s Avengers leaks after San Diego Comic-Con screening

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Like the shady man at the back of the cinema with a cut-price camcorder, there’s always someone who manages to sneak some footage of any secret screenings. A sneaky so and so has managed to grab some footage of Marvel’s Avengers during a closed-door demo session at San Diego Comic-Con this, revealing our first, admittedly shaky and blurry, look at gameplay.

As far as off-screen footage goes, it’s about as shoddy as it gets. Still, if Square Enix won’t show us the real deal then it’s the best we’ve got.

In the footage we see *checks notes* Thor… rampaging around the Golden Gate Bridge, doing Thor-y things. At least, I think that’s what Thor does. Square Enix itself confirmed the SDCC footage would show that: “Thor is the first to arrive at Golden Gate Bridge to help civilians and deal with the masked men wreaking havoc. He performs a variety of heavy and light attacks, both on the ground and in the air.”

There’s also a second, longer video that shows Iron Man zooming through the skies. It’s filmed at quite an intense angle though so I keep wanting to tilt my head and it hurts my neck to watch it.

Still, Marvel fans are a keen bunch. They’ll even go back to the cinema to watch a re-release of a three-hour movie just two months later, all to see one tiny extra scene, so I imagine they’re super-chuffed with super-shonky phone footage. 

It looks dull as dishwater to me, like a pretty, updated version of all the cash-grab movie tie-ins that flooded the PlayStation 2. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this though, and whether Marvel’s Avengers can ever hope to live up to the immense pressure such a license brings.