Origin’s Big O is an insane system with a Titan RTX, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Switch built in

It’s about as transparent a marketing gimmick as you’re ever likely to see but Origin PC has chosen to celebrate its 10th anniversary with what may well be the ultimate gaming solution. The Big O, as it’s called, marries all four major gaming devices into a single gigantic PC build.

Having separate consoles sat under your telly is so 2018. The Big O rips out the components from a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One X, slotting them into a PC chassis with liquid cooling. On top of this, there’s a custom Nintendo Switch dock which lets the user plug Nintendo’s latest control straight in. It plays the games for all three major consoles while featuring enhanced cooling to boot.

It looks as if doing this one no easy task. Origin had to design a custom chassis exclusively for this design, as well as dream up some extensive cooling solutions and internal wiring to ensure all three could be used on a whim. There are USB 3.0 ports for each console, 2TB SSDs on the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, and an ethernet switch.

If that didn’t sound heinously expensive enough, we’ve then got the PC itself to consider. They’ve spared no expense here with a custom case, Nvidia Titan RTX, an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, MSI MEG Z39 Godlike motherboard, 64GB RAM,, 2TB NVMe SSD, 14TB HDD storage, and a 1000W power supply.

It sounds frankly disgusting but in a good way. I’d love to have one of these if it didn’t cost more than my home, which sadly it probably does. Origin PC aren’t strictly selling these,  you see, or at least publicly. This has been made to advertise their capabilities in making bespoke gaming PCs. You can almost certainly go directly to them and ask for one to built, although we suspect the price tag is probably mighty close to the five-figure range, if not far more.

With the interest the Origin O is getting though, and the big time sink that went into creating it, we’d be surprised if you couldn’t get hold of one of these if you had deep enough pockets.